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Sensei George McLaurin

George McLaurin was born at Nellis Air Force Base; Las Vegas, Nevada on June 10, 1968 to George Sr. and Betty McLaurin while his father was in Vietnam.

As a youth, he played football and basketball. He was always hustling to be better. Whenever he would notice the other team getting tired, he would use that energy to keep going, which came in useful with sparring.

He began gymnastics in high school and also taught himself nun-chucks with a few bumps and bruises from both. George began training in Kifaru in 1999, being a good friend with Sensei Darryl Gorden who invited him to a class. George first learned basic moves from Sensei Bob Hamiter and has since been studying under Master Stephanie Gorden.

George has attended a few Kifaru seminars in the past 7 years. He was recommended for Black Belt in 2004 by Master Joey Walker in front of Grand Master Baker and the Soke of Kifaru-Jitsu, Grand Master Stanford in Salem, MO. Always being a fan of martial arts, he was very impressed to see Grand Master McNeal’s (being the same age as his own father) quick and powerful movements and flexibility, and his being humble at the same time, which symbolizes Kifaru or Black Rhino.

Promoted to Shodan in January of 2006 by Master Gorden, George is not only a student, but also volunteers at the Recreation Center helping others learn the art of Kifaru Karate.

George McLaurin has participated in numerous tournaments over the years and has taken first place in sparring and forms at the following:

Las Vegas Legacy - 2005

Kata Original/Warrior – 2004

Desert Rumble – 2003

Battle of the Desert – 2002

Summer Knockout – 2000

George McLaurin has been married to Debbie Smith-McLaurin for 10 years and has two daughters, Inez and Arabic.