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Master David H. Key

He was born in September 1970 in Taipei, Taiwan, which is considered to be within the Republic of China. His mother was born and raised in Taiwan. His father was an African-American Airman serving in the U.S. Air Force. It was during his service time that his parents met and were married. By two years of age, they had moved to the United States. Given the nature of the Air Force, They moved to a variety of Bases.

Early interest in Karate was instilled and encouraged by his mother and father. As young as 3 and 4 years old, his mother and father was showing him various karate moves. His parents were most familiar with the Tai-Chi and Kung Fu styles of martial arts. Karate is more than a sport in our family. It is a family heritage and tradition passed from one generation to the next.

By the age of 4, His father encouraged him to train formally. His father, brother and sister trained together. This training was more than learning Karate kicks and blocks. Leadership skills, discipline, structure, self-confidence, honor, and a competitive nature are other attributes that he learned through his training. Karate systems are formed on a basis of structure and levels. Setting goals and achieving the higher levels have impacted his life and have increased his self-esteem.

He achieved his Black Belt Level by the age of 11 years old, in the style of Tae Kwon Do. David then began studying the styles of Kempo, Shuto-Kan, Goju-Shorei, Aikido, and Kifaru-Jitsu. He has had the honor of training with the following mentors: His father, Sensei Claude Key Jr.; Grand Master Dun Sum Kim; Dale Montoya; Sensei John Milne; Master Darryl Hayes; Pastor-Sensei Dominic Rodriguez; Grand Master Bob Chaney; Master Eddie “Flash” Newman; Grand Master Donnie Williams; Senior Master Joe Walker; Grand Master Alexander Archie and Doctor-Grand Master Stanford McNeal.

David started training with Grand Master McNeal at the Boys Club in Henderson, NV. He has looked up to Grand Master McNeal as his Instructor, a Friend & a Father figure. Grand Master has helped guide David as young man, a Martial-artists & a Christian-man.

He has competed at different levels of competions from Inner School, Local, State, International, World Championships, and Jr. Olympic. He has won many different Grand Championships in kumite and kata. Most recent win December 2005 Ted Tubura & Dan Sawyers 28th Annual Karate Championships.

He continues to value His heritage and currently involved in training and developing the Kifaru Jitsu Karate System in the Las Vegas area. He volunteers his time to train with Master Stephanie McNeal Gorden at the North Las Vegas Recreational Centers (Neighborhood and Silver Mesa locations). He also assists in growing the K.J.R.S. non-profit organization, which is designed to help sponsor children to participate in various Karate and community activities. His future goal is to develop and train a variety of students of any age level including young children to the elderly. He also hopes to train and develop students with various physical or developmental challenges. Most importantly, it is His focus to share and instill the discipline of Karate to His children, D’vena, Huwan, Christian, and Kwan.