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Welcome to Kifaru Jitsu Academy of Martial Arts

Kifaru Jitsu is a hard/soft eclectic system in which the primary emphasis is the practical self defense aspect of the Martial Arts. Although the classes are semi formal and tradition is maintained to instill discipline and a foundation, the system does not hold onto the philosophical or religious views that may be a major portion of other systems.

As a relatively new system, Kifaru Jitsu has been in existence since the 1960s. The roots are a cross between Kong-Soo-Do, Goju-Shorei, and Shoto-Kan. Kifaru Jitsu has since grown to incorporate many other styles to include BKF Kenpo. The Soke, Dr. Stanford McNeal, Sr. is a 10th Degree Blackbelt with a vast amount of knowledge in Judo, Jujitsu, Kong Soo Do, Kenpo as well as Goju-Shorei.

The styles characteristics are a combination of hard and soft blocks based on the foundation of basic karate techniques. Students learn to block and strike in rapid succession to incapacitate an opponent quickly. A perception of the opponents anticipated movements enables the advanced student to see and stop an attack before it starts, and attack the instant prior to being attacked. The student is also capable of observing an assailant and knowing that assailants limitations based on the styles strong foundation.

Other high ranking blackbelts within the system also bring knowledge of other Martial Art systems which are incorporated into the system if they meet the requirements of effectiveness and economy of motion in each technique.

Students are encouraged to compete in semi contact open Karate tournaments to test their skills against martial artists from other styles. When the best techniques of a martial artist from another system can be effectively blocked and countered, the average street altercation should pose no problem. Grandmaster McNeal, has obtained recognition in the Martial Arts community by winning top honors in State, National, Olympic and World Karate Competitions.